Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Boondock Saints Hoopla!

Made for Spikefan in the Geeky Christmas Swap!
Boondock Saints was one of her inspired fandom suggestions.
I happen to love this movie.

Our two heroes, which are also brothers, are bickering about 
what to take to a massive showdown.
Guns, check.
Knives, check.
Charlie Bronson never is without one!

Celtic Knots, as much as I love them, make my eyes all googly!

If you haven't seen this movie I suggest you check it out...
(A young Daryl Dixon never hurts.)
If you're squeamish of cursing, Irish accents, or some violence
you may want to watch through a thin blankie.

Here's the clip this quote is from:


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Walking Dead Diorama!

Dioramas are really fun.
I'd never even thought to make one until Spikefan suggested one in her
questionnaire for the Geeky Christmas Swap.
She also suggested "The Walking Dead" and stated
that Daryl Dixon and Michonne were her favorites.

I'm a sucker for the show Walking Dead and all things Daryl and Michonne!

I tried to stagger the papers for depth...
For a first attempt, I'm pretty okay with this.

Pencil sketching was used for the warriors detail,
Sharpies for yonder walkers.

What will become of our heroes in Terminus?
This is an issue for me as I invest WAY too much in the 
TV shows I love. 
It's escapism...totally.

And I love a good escape!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tea Swap Crochet!

Did some fun crochet for Donniesgirl in the I <3 Tea swap recently...

A Cup Cozy.
And look, it has its own tea bag tag!

I used the "Cup of Tea" Coffee Mug Cozy with Non-Slip Backing
by Rhonda Greene on ravelry. ((Here's the rav link)
I didn't do the Non-Slip Backing bit.

Also Hooked up were a trio of Granny Square Dishcloths.

Made out of Dishcloth Cotton...of course.

My hooky friend, Barb, once commented in passing she likes to 
crochet dishcloths instead of knit. That the looser stitches allow for 
better air drying and less moldy smell.

I'm agreeing with her on this point!
I just get irritated when I have this lovely soft handmade cloth and within weeks
it seems to stiffen up and stink!

Also, Borax helps heaps with this. (wink)

To send some tea bags for my swap partner I
didn't want to use just any zippy bag,
so I tarted them up a bit.

One of her favorite movies is Sixteen Candles.
I am a fan too, being an 80's kid...totally!

I just printed out an image small enough to fit in the bag,
then traced over with Sharpies.

Its a very subtle effect unless you have a white background like my bedspread here.

PS: This movie rules. If you've ever been a teenager or have an
ounce of humor in you...reminisce with me, won't you?

Farmer Ted, FTW!

Monday, April 14, 2014

This Cowl...Rules!

 When making Teacher's presents for Christmas I 
really wanted to mimic "Ruled Paper" in some way.
I ended up making tote bags (as seen in this post)
which all the teachers loved.

But before I settled on the bags, I first tried to make
Mrs. Wittenberg a ruled scarf!

As Christmas got closer, the more realistic I became about 
finishing the scarf...

So, I casted off and created a cowl for Morgan!


She hasn't seemed to be a big fan of scarves this year, I'm thinking
she's sick of them getting in her way.

I'll always switch back and forth between cowls and scarves.
Sometimes you feel like a nut,
Sometimes you don't.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Crafty Cave: February...March!

Golly have I been slacking on my New Years Intention of sprucing up the Crafty Cave!

I did, however, get some Calendar Towel Curtains made to hide away the clutter of my fabric stash cabinet.

Not matching up at the bottom, but I'm gonna let that slide for now.

Here's a little peek at the "during".
I went all fancy and installed a curtain rod...all by myself thank you very much!

For attatching, I snapped some Bistro Curtain Clips and called it a day.

Oh yeah, and I used to have all these little fabric scraps in diaper boxes on the bottom shelf.
I picked up some plastic zippy bins and now I can squish them away and store twice as much.

There was also some major organizing of the closet which is still a work in progress. 
I hope to get Will's birthday behind me, then I can concentrate on the Crafty Cave again.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Elsa Frozen Hoopla!

I'd signed up for the Frozen Swap on Craftster and
I knew Miss Morgan was going to be a bit miffed I was making all
this cool Anna and Elsa stuff for someone she didn't know.

I decided before we got partners to stitch up her own Elsa Hoopla!

I got to utilize some not so constantly used thread 
like the silver metallic...


Miss Morgan chose for her hair to glow 
(Rupunzel *is* Elsa's cousin after all)
So she wanted everyone to know...

Translation: Hair is the only glow in the dark thing

As predicted, Frozen took over our house in a big way.
I've even caught my son singing the songs.
Elsa's his favorite too.

This hoop was recently featured on Craft Gossip!!!
Holy Moly here's the link!

Thanks Pam aka kittykill for the amazing write-up!

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Apparently I've been doing quite a few mugs for swaps lately...

Doctor Who "The Silence" 

Goonies Never Say Die
(Complete with Mikey Inhaler)


Trust Snape...Always.

Castiel from Supernatural

Dean Dreams of Pie! 
From Supernatural

Totoro waiting at his Bus (Coffee) Stop

90% of these were done with the OIL BASED Sharpie Marker.
One warning I didn't read on any of the tutorials:
It will stink up your house with fumes during baking.
Make sure you have a well ventilated area!!!