Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Drawing Challenge Day 13: Comic

Day 13: Comic

This is the first joke Morgan "got". 

I vividly remember the roll of her eyes when it dawned on her little existence just how much of a dork her mother is. 

This afternoon I took Morgan out for ice cream and bounced this joke on her again. 
The same rolling of eyes occurred
 and I got a small thrill of having my 3yr old-militantly non-Whovian back. 

Note: I think she poo poos Doctor Who as a small act of rebellion. I still have hope she'll come around.   

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Drawing Challenge Day 12: Most Recent Accomplishment

Day 12: Most Recent Accomplishment

Not pulling my hair out all summer long. 

As with most mothers...
I love my kids.
I really, really do.
But sometimes...
they can be a bit trying.

My super accomplishment is not pulling my hair out
for stopping the 1000th bickering marathon,
trying not to be such a nag,
and finding a patience (even though I lose it sometimes)
I didn't know I was capable.

Happy end of summer one and all!

Drawing Challenge Day 11: Turning Point

Day 11: Turning Point

Friday, August 29, 2014

Drawing Challenge Day 10: Fave Candy!

Day 10: Fave Candy
Kit Kats!!!!

Kit Kats, candied love of my life!
This love affair started when I was YOUNG.
You know when your mom likes a certain thing,
be it gum or ice tea or beef on pizza instead of pepperoni,
and it becomes just that much cooler and so ADULT.

This was the case with me and Kit Kats.
They are comfort and in a small way make me feel cool 
like my mom was.

Got some new Copic Markers so I super jazzed this up.
Oooo, red!
Innocently, I thought I could blend the red and yellow to make orange 
and that experiment didn't quite work as I'd hoped.

Should've kept this one black and white. 
I was quite happy with it when it was black and white.

Oh well, 
live and learn right?

Drawing Challenge Day 9: Fave Show

Day 9: Fave Show

Oh Sherlock,
so smug about all your deductions
while John is blogging away about your adventures!

There are SO many shows I love and obsess about.
Game of Thrones
Doctor Who....
(of course Doctor Who)

But BBC's Sherlock is a life event for me.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Drawing Challenge Day 8: Fave Animated Character

Day 8: Fave Animated Character


I went really brave with this and used both the sepia and grey!
ooooo, really brave huh?

Totoro's eyes seem to be checking something out.....
What might it be do you think?

Drawing Challenge Day 7: Fave Movie

Day 7
Fave Movie

I've loved this movie For-Ev-Er!
I remember seeing it in the theatre when it came out.
Dad was super excited about the tactic of the 3 endings...
We saw the Mr. Green ending...

which when the video came out,
it was the 3rd and final ending,
and I felt was the "real" ending making me quite smug.

(even though I had nothing to do whatsoever
with the making of the movie and I was 10 years old.)

This is my favorite scene, and quoting it brings me 
no end of joy seeing if people "get it" or not.

That's when I know I've found someone truly special!